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Are Tradewinds Parasols Rainproof?

Q Please can you confirm whether the Seasand colour for the Tradewinds Square Parasol 2.8M is more cream or yellow coloured. Also please advise if the material is rainproof. Thanks, Peter.

A Hi Peter, attached swatch of seasand – obviously it will look a bit different in real life, depending on your computer colour setting, but the attached gives you a good idea. Not sure that either cream or yellow are the right colour description.

The Tradewinds parasol fabrics are rain proof yes, in that they will resist rain up to a certain point. As they fit tight on their frames, the run off is excellent. However, in really heavy downpours, the fabric can get saturated after a while and then spitting through can occur. A bit like in a tent! So, they are not waterproof – that kind of fabric is very expensive and we only put it on our jumbo parasols that remain up all the time (the Vortex parasol )

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