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Can I fit a Paraflex Parasol to my existing pole?

Q The following statement appears at the listing for the below referenced product: “Paraflex Square 1.9m Parasol – can be wall mounted or pole mounted” As we already have a 50mm diameter galvanised steel pole is situ in our patio we’d be grateful for any information you may be able to provide regarding the mounting of the parasol to a pole. Perhaps you have some photographs or diagrams which would help us understand whether the parasol will meet our needs? In any event, we look forward to receiving your response.

A Hi Steve, The paraflex parasols need a specific pole with a sliding grove down it, in order to slide in the arm. Here is are images of the profile of the poles from which you should be able to see how the arms slide down to attach to the poles or the wal lmount. The slider section you can see in the images attaches to the end of the arm.

Here is a video link as well:

Paraflex Parasol Video 1

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