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Can you fix Paraflex Wall mounted parasols into timber?

Q I am interested in the paraflex wall mounted parasols. I live in a timber framed building and I want to know if it would be possible to fix the bracket to my house. The videos only show brick wall fixation. Please advise if it is possible to safely secure the mounting arm to other wall types.

A Hi Heather, thankyou for your enquiry. The answer is yes, you can fix the paraflex wall mounted parasols into timber framed buildings. You need to make sure that you secure them to a solid upright or beam, not just to cladding, however, so if you have cladding look for signs of where the cladding has been secured to an upright and that should guide you to where the main building frame is behind the exterior finish. You will need to use bolts for timber and not masonry as well. If you like, you can use our installation service which is an add on to an order – just scroll to the bottom of the webpage of any paraflex umbrella product page and it is below the prices. We can’t cover all parts of the country, so let me know where you are and I can check whether it is within our area.

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