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Printing on a Patio Umbrella

Q Do you make a 2.7 meter diameter patio umbrella that will slide simply into a tube on an existing table and can you incorporate our club logo into the fabric. I live in North Wales amd am Chairman of the above club. If not, do you know anyone who can help. Thank you

A Hi Gordon, Thankyou for your email. Logos can be printed on the panels of a 2.6m or 3.2m hexagonal Tradewinds parasol .

You would need to supply the art work and let me know how many colours you want for me to give you a quote. It is expensive to print just one parasol as the printer’s cost for setting up the original screen is the same whether you have just one printed or 2000!.

In terms of sliding into the tube under the table, you need to check the diameter of the tube to see if the pole diameter as listed in the above link is going to fit.

I would also check whether you have sufficient weight to hold down the parasol in windier conditions or have a way of fixing the parasol into the tube.

Best wishes.

Claire .

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TUUCI parasols

Q Hi we are a London based sign company that supply signage to restaurants pubs ect, we are asked for parasols from time to time but never bother as we cannot find a quality product. Whilst in Barbados last week I came across the Tuuci parasol range & was very impressed so do you offer trade prices on this range

A Thanks for your email. Yes, we can supply TUUCI parasols and you are right, they are extremely good. In terms of pricing, our prices online are pretty good – well below the RRP so for just one parasol we can’t offer a much better price but if you have several parasols at a time we should be able to do a discount for you. Here is the link to the ones that we do on a 2 – 3 week lead time . However, there is a much bigger TUUCI parasol range in USA , just that they would have to be ordered in with a longer lead time.

Let me know if I can help further.

Best wishes