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How strong are Tradewinds Aluzone parasols?

Q “Like a previous customer whose query I have just read online, I have a hilltop garden overlooking farmland so it is quite a windy spot. Are the Tradewinds Aluzone umbrellas specifically designed for use in windy places, please? I am looking at the 2.7m x 3.5m rectangular one which would fit well over our oval table but wonder if rectangular umbrellas are more likely to be affected by the wind than circular ones. Also there is no measurement for height clearance given on your website for this model. I would also like to see samples of the fabrics in taupe, beige, peridot, charcoal and seasand. Do you have a showroom I could visit, please? I live in Bath. Thanks you.”

A “Thankyou for your enquiry. Tradewinds aluzone parasols are made for a medium wind. You will need to “wind manage” them, ie take them down when the wind gets too much, or when you are out/at night. If you do get a break of a strut, they have isolated components so you can buy a spare part, not just have to replace the whole umbrella. In short, they are made for the real world! They are very good value for money, for the strength that they have and for their longevity. I have customers who come back after 15 – 20 years with the frames still good, they just want a new canopy. Customers include hotels and restaurants on the south west coast.

The parasols that are built for very strong winds are much heavier and stronger, and take 2 people to put up and down because they are erected under a lot of tension in order to take the wind. They are also several thousand pounds in cost. The Tradewinds is a good alternative. That said, you will need to wind manage. No parasol manufacturer warrants against wind damage as wind behaves so differently in different locations, and wind management is seen as the customer’s responsibility.

Attached specs of the Aluzone range with all the dimensions – the closed clearance is the measurement from the end of the struts to the ground when the parasol is closed. You need to check that the parasol will close over your table. Also check the diameter of the hole in the middle of your table to make sure that it takes the pole. In a windy location the table will help steady the parasol but you will need a base to stop the parasol blowing away. There is no difference between oval and rectangle, in terms of strength. The only point to make is that the big the parasol, the bigger the surface canopy area to catch the wind, so the heavier the base required. The correct weight bases are listed on the website under each size and shape of parasol but if necessary, you can buy a heavier than recommended base if you are particularly worried about wind.

We don’t have a showroom I’m afraid, but if you click through the images you will see details of the aluzone parts. We can send you samples of the materials in the post if you let me know your address.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Best wishes, Claire.