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Is the paraflex parasol arm lockable and how much does it weigh?

Q Re:- Paraflex Wall Mounted Parasol – 2.2m Hex PREMIUM I am interested in the above product and have a couple of questions; 1. what is the weight of the product including parasol? 2. what is the weight of the parasol on its own, I notice a lady erecting the item on the arm in the video, is it really that light? 3. what is the length of the wall mounting post? 4. and the arm be locked in any position?

A David, thankyou for your email.

The total weight depends on which arm you have. I have the weight for the 1.85m arm and the wall mount, which together weigh approx 4kg. I do not have the weights for the bigger arms, but once in place, the arm is not moved regularly anyway. I would guess that the bigger arms don’t add too many kg to the total weight.

The 2.2m parasol weighs approx 2.5kg

Yes, it is light, and easy to use.

The wall mount is 30cm long.

The arm can be locked at both the wall hinge and the elbow hinge. The tilt function also locks, using the button that tilts the parasol up and down.

Hope this helps.