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Mounting the Paraflex Parasol Wall Mount on a Corner

Q Hi Claire, I wonder if you might be able to confirm (perhaps from an installer) whether the Paraflex Parasol Wall Mount can be attached very near to a corner such that it uses the angle this affords to go back behind the 180 degree angle? (ie because it sticks out from the wall by a few centimetres and if located right on the corner, the first arm section can angle back behind itself).

A Hi Andrew, I have checked with our installers and they confirm that you need to mount the Wall Mount at least one brick in. Otherwise there is a danger than you split the brick, or that the brick gets pulled out when the parasol is up. If you have a breeze block wall you would need to be 6/7 inches in and after you have drilled the holes, you need to fill the hole a quarter full with “No Nails” before putting in the bolt to make the hold of the bolt onto the breeze block stronger.

All the arms have 2 hinges – one near the wall mount and one at the elbow. The king size arm has 3 hinges, but there are not many left as everything is moving over to the evolution arm, slowly by surely, so I would make a decision quickly if you need this one!