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Paraflex Parasol Spares and Paraflex Arm Spares

Q Hello I have the paraflex umbrella but am missing the connectors, i have the bracket for the wall just not the connector to the first arm or second arm. Could you give me a price please for these parts.Tthank you

A Hi Hayley.Thankyou for your email. We can theoretically get spares but the UK agents for Paraflex have been slow in supplying them.! Attached is a diagram – please could you confirm which pieces you need so we can get a quote together. I do have to say that it is likely to be some time before we are able to supply.

If you could let me know which length of arm you have, I can let you have a price on a replacement whole arm – all depends if you need the arm urgently! A whole arm will be far quicker to supply.

Best wishes