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Paraflex Sidepost parasol pole and wall brackets

Q Can I slice off a section of the 2.6m pole of the Paraflex Side post 2.5m parasol as I have an impeding soffit board?

A I confirm that if you cut the pole down smoothly, there would be no problem slicing off a section.

The Paraflex 2.6m pole is that is ellipse in shape, not round with one sliding groove for the arm. It is in fact the pole that is also used for Shadesails, also made by Umbrosa in Belgium.. See the Ingenua pole instructions attached. The pole will come with a section that makes it either angled or vertical – you would want it vertical. The sliding piece would also not been needed by you as you would slide the arm of the parasol down instead.

Paraflex wall fixing bracket instructions are also attached.

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