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Paraflex Umbrella – Installation Service

Q Hello, I would like to order a 2.5m wall mounted paraflex umbrella with evolution arm and ‘natural’ fabric. I would like to have this installed and live in TW***** area so would be grateful if you could give me an indication of how long this would take to arrange. Also how much would it be for an extra arm and bracket?

A Further to our discussion just now, attached pro forma showing the price of the extra arm and wall bracket. As I said our best installer may be able to do it next Monday or Tuesday. He is happy to install 2 wall brackets for the installation price listed in the link below:

Paraflex 2.5m Wall Mounted Parasol – Square Premium

The extra arm is discounted as you are buying it with the rest of the parasol.

If you would like to go ahead, please could you let me know the surface to which the bracket is being fixed ie wood/brick/stone etc, so that the installer can bring the right kit.

Here is a link to videos showing the paraflex in use , in case you have not seen it.

If you have any questions, please give me a call.

Best wishes