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Parasols Quote for a Café or Coffee Shop

Q “We are a coffee shop that shall open a few months from now and we are looking for a vendor to supply us the parasols for our outdoor seatings. Do you do bespoke? Kindly send me pricing. Thanks” R

A Thankyou for your email. Could you explain what you mean by bespoke? Is this is size or for printing only?

Our prices are listed on our website for the parasols themselves but if you are bulk buying we could probably do you a special deal. Here is the link to the parasols

If you want printing and standard parasols (no lighting or heating), your best bet is on the Tradewinds range

These are used in many coffee/cafe settings. Or did you want the larger parasols? I will be able to quote you a deal if you can tie down a bit more exactly what parasols you want.

Please also let me have some artwork for the pringing, as the pricing depends on how many colours you want, how many panels of the parasol and how many parasols. I can them let you have a quote.

Best wishes