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Prices on Paraflex Wall Mounted Parasols

Q Dear Sir, Can you please advise the price and delivery of the Paraflex wall mounted parasol . Many thanks, Best Regards, Brian

A Dear Brian, Skyline has passed me on your enquiry about a Wall Mounted Paraflex Parasosl .

Take a look at the parasol in the linkabove and please do give me a call if you would like to talk through the options – the prices depend on the size of parasol you have, and the type of arm, and the type of fabric. Delivery varies according to which particular combination of the above you choose as more unusual colours and fabrics are not stocked in the UK but brought in from Belgium on a 7 – 10 day lead time. Here is a link to a U tube video on the paraflex parasol which shows how the parasols work once installed. They are very flexible and well designed.

Best wishes