Tradewinds Concrete Parasol Bases

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The Tradewinds Concrete Parasol Bases are one of our most popular mobile bases, both for residential and commercial customers. Fibre reinforced concrete with handles on the larger models to help with moving.

**Currently only available to order with a parasol**

  • Grey, fibre reinforced concrete
  • 25kg Round – no handles
    • 51cm diameter x 6.5cm height
    • Fits 38mm pole diameter
  • 40kg Round – with handles
    • 56.5cm diameter x 7.0cm height
    • Fits 48mm pole diameter
  • 60kg Round – with handles
    • 65cm diameter x 10cm height
    • Fits 58mm pole diameter
    • Extended 58mm tube option increases the head and closed clearance of the parasol
      – head clearance increased to 2.25m
      – enables 4m Octagonal to close over a table
  • 100kg Round – with handles
    • 82cm diameter x 8cm height
    • Fits 58mm pole diameter

Match your parasol with the correct weight base using the table below.

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Before ordering, remember to check:

  • Your pole diameter
  • Your pole shape
  • If relevant, the dimensions of the base against the available space under your table
  • Your recommended base weight – eg Tradewind parasols recommend:
    • 2.6m Hexagonal
      – stand alone use 25kg
      – through a table 15 – 20kg
    • 3.2m Hexagonal
      – stand alone use 40kg
      – through a table 20 – 25kg
    • 4.0m Octagonal
      – stand alone use 60kg
      – through a table 40kg
    • 2.2m Square
      – stand alone use 40kg
      – through a table 20 – 25kg
    • 2.8m Square
      – stand alone use 60kg
      – through a table 40kg
    • 3.6m Square
      – stand alone use 100kg
      – through a table 60kg
    • 2x3m Rectangle
      – stand alone use 40kg
      – through a table 20 – 25kg
  • Opt for an extra heavy base if you are in a windy location

These weights apply to centre pole parasols. Cantilever parasols usually require their own brand bases which are engineered to counterbalance the shape and angle of the canopy.

**Special orders – call if required: (1) Discounts available for bulk orders. (2) The star knob can be replaced with security bolt with allan key, to help prevent theft. (3) The standard pole diameter fitting is listed below, but each base can be fitted with a 38mm, 48mm, 58mm or 70mm tubes

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100kg, 25kg, 40kg, 60kg, 60kg with Extended 58mm Tube