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Replacement parasol poles and struts

Q “Hello, My patio table sun-umbrella blew over. One wooden strut broke. Do you supply spares? The wood appears to be teak. The strut is full-length from apex to circumference of canvass. 1.5m long. 20x15mm cross section. There’s a drilled hole 65cm from apex end for attachment to a shorter strut. Not sure of brand, but looks pretty similar to Tradewinds Classic . Please let me know if you think you can help?” Thanks, Nigel

A Thanks for your email and sorry that you have a problem, but we only supply spares for the frames of parasol brands that we sell as otherwise they do not fit. We used to try to supply Tradewinds parts for other brands that appeared similar but they rarely fitted and often were returned damaged where people had struggled to fit them. So no one was happy!

If you had a Tradewinds parasols there would be a plaque on the frame and a label on the canopy.

Best wishes