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Shademaker Cantilever parasols for golf club terrace

Q We are considering purchasing up to three sidepost or cantilever umbrellas for our clubhouse terrace. Our terrace is around 27m in length and 3.5 m in width and the umbrella span we have in mind is 3m x 4m, or nearest standard size. As well as single umbrellas, we would also consider double with two sails attached to a single post. If this is of interest to you, please can you provide me with a price, product and installation details for your umbrellas

A Thanks for your email, just a few questions so I can narrow down the choices for you.

  • Do you want the parasols freestanding or will they be secured to the ground either with a deck mount or an inground base?
  • How windy a location are you?
  • Do you want the parasol to be put up and down frequently?

A Thanks for your prompt response.

  • We are considering both options, but our preference would be to have an inground base. Our terrace is paved with 1m square paving slabs and it may be necessary to fix base into a padstone, but that would depend on cost and how much disruption it would cause to terrace.
  • The clubhouse is at the top of the valley running down to the river Blackwater, but I do not think it is unusually windy, but the parasol does need to be robust.
  • The parasol would be opened at the start of the day and shut at the end, more so in the summer than the winter. It would be helpful if the shade could be tilted to block out low sun.

A Have a look at the Shademaker Orion Parasol and Shademaker Polaris Parasol Inground bases are by far the best in terms of stability and strength. However, bolting down a deckmount to secure ground can be just as good, depending on how secure the ground is. Some customers lift up the paving slabs, set a base in concrete beneath and drill a hole in the paving on top.

I am sending you the brochure with further details. The only thing to watch in the brochure, is the wind speeds. These are tested in wind tunnel conditions which is very different to any specific real-life locations where local topography can cause swirling and buffeting etc. So I would treat the wind speeds with caution – in any case no parasol manufacturers provide warranties against damage caused by wind as “wind manage” is considered the responsibility of the user.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

A Thanks, really helpful, please leave it with me and I’ll get back to you, probably in a couple of weeks