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Special offer Parasols

Q Interested in your special offer as advertised for 1 3.5m umbrella for our decking project. I would like to see more of the product before a purchase. Do you have any more product literature or a stockist in the Midlands? Thanks Chris S

A Hi Christian, thanks for your enquiry. I think you mean the Shademaker Sirius parasols ? These are not stocked around the country, I’m afraid, but only available online so far as I am aware. Attached is the brochure which gives more details. The Sirius is a good quality parasol and closes away neatly against the centre post. The fabric details are listed at the back of the catalogue. If you would like more advice, please let me know. If you are in a particularly windy location, I would go for the Shademaker Orion parasol which has a rigid arm that is stronger. The downside of course, that with strength, you reduce flexibility and the parasol canopy does not pack away against the centre pole. The Orion details are also in the catalogue.

NB Please treat the wind tunnel testing results in the catalogue with caution. They are a guide only. Wind tunnel tests are not the same as wind resistance in a real world location where local topography/ gusting etc causes wind to behave very differently. For this reason, no parasol warranty will ever cover wind damage which is considered the responsibility of the user. Common sense rules apply – ie close it when you are not around or when the wind is getting too much. A cantilever parasol, due to its off set engineering is more susceptible to wind than a centre post parasol and in a mobile base can get blown over, although this base is very heavy to protect against this.!

Best wishes