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Tradewinds parasol canopy cleaning

Q I have a 4 year old Tradewinds parasol that needs cleaning. I know it needs to be handwashed at 30 degrees but could you advise on the cleaning product I can use?

A I have checked and am reassured that the cleaning instructions will be exactly the same on a new canvas or one that is old. Please see below:

“To clean the fabric, open the parasol and put on its side and remove dirt using a soft brush with warm water. In order to protect the Teflon properties, use only a mild detergent that does not contain ammonia. Never dry-clean the fabric. It is recommended that a suitable protective treatment such as 303 Fabric Guard is used after cleaning the canopy. This protects and waterproofs the canopy. The customer could wash in the machine if on a low temperature and the machine is large enough. Do not tumble dry. Dry naturally and put back on frames as quickly as possible – to avoid shrinkage. Once dry and on frames they will need to use protective treatment as stated above.”

I have also attached the most up-to-date instructions.

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