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Tradewinds parasol for a beach house

Q “Hi, I am in the need of a good quality umbrella (centre pole) for a beach house. We had two umbrellas which lasted for over 20 years, I believe they were wooden, actually they are still ok now, but we wanted to buy new ones. We bought metal pole umbrellas and the umbrella pole literally folded in half in the wind. It wasn’t even that windy. So I am asking your advice on what good quality umbrella would be suitable. We certainly don’t have £1000s to spend on a proper wind proof umbrella, this is just a second home but it is open to the elements. The umbrellas we have are 2m diameter. Any advice greatly received.” Thanks, Jo

A Thankyou for your email. I would recommend the Tradewinds parasols . They are strong and robust and very good value for money, given their strength. The wooden and the aluminium frame parasols are the same strength, so you can choose either depending your taste. Parasols, such as our Vortex range that can be left out in high winds are very expensive and heavy and difficult to put up and down because they are erected with alot of tension in the canopy in order to give them strength. The Tradewinds parasols are a good compromise of strength and affordability. They are made for the real world, basically! They come with parts that can be isolated so if you do leave the parasol up in too high wind and you break a strut, then the strut can be taken out and replaced without you needing to replace the whole parasol.

In terms of general strength against wind, I have customers who have used Tradewinds parasols for years in hotels and restaurants on the coast, but they do come for new parts when customers or staff have left the parasols up in too high a wind. It is all down to the users to “wind manage” ie close the parasol when you are not around or if the wind is getting too much. No manufacturer of parasols will warranty against wind damage as this is seen as the customer’s responsibility because wind behaves so differently in different locations. Most parasol damage occurs when a parasol is blown over. Obviously having it in a fixed base is much better for wind resistance, but so long as you “wind manage” you can use a mobile base. If you want more counterweight to the wind, then you can buy an extra heavy weight base. More difficult to move, but more wind resistant.

Let me know if I can help further. If you would like the extra heavy base, you will need to call to place your order as this is not available online.

Best wishes