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Tradewinds parasol for a holiday let

Q “Hi, we have a coastal property in Cornwall with a small garden that is on the sea. The property will eventually be let once it is safe to do so and we would like an umbrella that will be able to stand up to an occasional strong gust of coastal wind and will not corrode in sea air. We would hope our guests will take note of the requirements to put down the umbrella during strong winds and at night or when unattended. There is also the problem of seagull deposits which naturally are not going to look great on an ecru coloured fabric or is that one that may disguise it better? I am thinking to wrap some chicken wire over the top end to try to deter them during the season as long as it does not damage the fabric unless you can think of another better and more ingenious solution. Perhaps you could advise? Obviously we do not want to spend a fortune as it is for a holiday let but need something a little sturdier than standard.” Kind regards Susan

A “Thankyou for your email below. The Tradewinds parasols are good and sturdy. We sell them to coastal hotels in Cornwall. As you say, you will need to “wind management” them, however, as breakages due to wind are not covered by any warranty. The Tradewinds parasols are built with isolated components so that if a guest forgets to take it down, and you get a broken strut, you can buy just one strut, for example, or a new canopy only.

In terms of the bird deposits, its a tricky one. I don’t have any stunning ideas, though I would have thought the natural colour is probably better than any other. The fabric can be washed, too. Please see attached instructions.

What kind of parasol base were you thinking of having? An inground base, or a deckmount secured to fixed ground is the best base for windy locations. Most parasol breaks occur when they are blown over, and a fixed base prevents this. Of course, you lose the flexibility of moving it, but you do get better wind resistance

Any further questions, please let me know.

Best wishes